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How to Find a US Gift Card Trading Platform in Nigeria/Ghana/India Etc.

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As far as gift cards are concerned, recent analysis has proven one thing; owners never put their cards to effective use. A large percentage of people would rather exchange their gift card for cash or exchange one brand of gift card for another. For example, exchanging Amazon gift card for iTunes’. In case you fall into this category, this article is for you. You are about to learn how to find a US gift card trading platform in Nigeria.

To make this interesting, we are going to make it a Q and A kinda article. Basically, I answer the questions you have in mind. Let’s begin.

What is a Gift Card Trading Platform?

This is a platform that allows you sell your gift cards. You also get the option of purchasing another brand of gift card for a lower rate. These gift card trading platforms are available online as exchange websites. All you have to do is use the search engine.

Can I Get Full Payment for My Gift Card?

No, you do not receive a payment that is equivalent to the value of your gift card. This is because gift card trading platforms charge a token in commission for every successful transaction.

However, there are other sites that’ll give you the opportunity of stating how much you intend to sell. This would lead to a negotiation that precedes the sale of your gift card. Just bear in mind that the amount cannot be higher than the value of your gift card.

Finally, there are online platforms that require a payment of $1 admission fee before any transaction is carried out.

Can I Still Sell My Gift Card, if it Has Below $1 Left?

There are some gift card trading platforms that’ll let you sell almost any amount. But, most of them have a fixed bottom price that is above a dollar.

What If the Card Is Only Just Locally Available?

Here is the thing, most gift card trading platforms accept national or regional branded gift cards only. That said, there are a few that have no such restriction. A prominent example of such a platform is

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get Paid for the Gift Card Exchanged?

The key here is patience. Between the time you sent your gift card and the time you’ll get paid, you may have to wait for as little as 25 minutes .But if you want to sell your gift cards and get paid within 6 Minutes CLICK CLICK to contact the most fastest and honest gift card trading platform to trade and get paid within 6 minutes.

How Do I Avoid Being Cheated on These Gift Card Trading Platforms in Nigeria?

The question you need to ask yourself at this point is, “What kind of site am I using?” The best way to avoid being cheated on gift card trading platforms is to find a site that is reliable, tested and trusted. Make thorough investigations before committing to any trading platform and get familiar with the platform’s policies and verification schemes.

Consider using our trading platform, we offer a risk-free service at a great rate. Contact us here.

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