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Do you have an Amazon Gift Card and want to trade it for cash in Nigeria or Ghana, in this page we will tell you how to sell them for Cedis or Naira etc.You don’t need to buy just any product from Amazon, rather you can just exchange it for cash by selling it in Nigeria or Ghana for some cash. Our company provides the best deals for the same. There are several online websites where you can sell your gift card, but we will help you decide where should you sell Amazon gift card to get higher profits by comparing the rates and giving you the most profitable option.

Here Are A Few Steps Before You Sell Your Gift Cards In Nigeria Or Ghana:

Our website Climaxcardings is a very reliable gift cards exchanger in Nigeria and Ghana. We will make sure that you can sell your Amazon Gift cards for either cash or bitcoins and also get instant cash payments after the redemption of your gift cards within 6 minutes.

(1). Make sure that your gift card is not redeemed. It is very important because there should be validity available on your Amazon Gift Card if you want to sell it in Nigeria Or Ghana. If it’s not valid, you might not get paid for it.

(2). Always have a receipt because it becomes easier to sell your Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria or Ghana if you have receipt,but if you don’t have receipt,we also accept E-codes too. It is not a compulsion, but it is easier if you have the receipt.

(3). Always be sure the gift card is not damaged in any way. The number behind the gift card should not be scratched unless the buyer requires the gift code.But if its already scratched,No worries hence your card is good you will get paid.

(4).Click a good photo of the code and send it to the buyer.

If you want to sell Amazon Gift Cards online in Nigeria or Ghana for some cash, then contact us. we will offer you great offers in exchange for your gift cards. We provide convenient and easy methods to our sellers so that they don’t face any trouble or have any confusion about how to sell their Amazon Gift Cards.We pay in Naira, Cedis, Bank transfer, Mobile Money(MoMo), Bitcoins and other payment options available.

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