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Best 15 Gift Cards With Highest Resale Value

Some gift cards are more valuable than some, we cannot deny this fact. While some gift cards have high rates because they are generally often needed in the gift card market, some have lower rates because they are not all that important.

This page will help you point out which and which gift card is leading the rate chart at any time.

Are you a gift card seller or buyer? Do you seek the best rates for gift cards at any period? The table on this page displays the top 15 gift cards with the highest resale rates as at this time. The table is automatically updated multiple times a day based on market rates and you can be confident that whatever you see on this page is updated in real-time.

The NAIRA column shows the rate of gift cards in naira, the CEDIS column shows how much you will get in Ghana GHS, the BTC column shows the rate in Bitcoins, and the USDT column shows the USDT rate. To get the exact value, just multiply the rate by the amount of gift card you have. For instance, if the rate is 300 and your card is 50. That means you will get 300*50 which is 15000 naira, when you trade.

Ensure to check the page from time to time to view the changes. However, to sell gift cards in Nigeria  Ghana, US, UK feel free to reach out to us. Trades last a few minutes on average and withdrawals are automated and instant.

How Much Is $100 Gift Card Rate?

The varies, the amount of $100 gift card depends on the type of card E.G Google play gift card can range from within 25,000 to 40,000 in naira and $60-$80 in BTC or USDT. The table only lists the top best gift cards with highest rates, not all gift cards.

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