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How to Convert Your Amazon, Walmart and iTunes Gift Cards to Cash.

There are times you receive a gift card, but do not want to redeem yourself due to immediate financial needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iTunes, Amazon or Walmart gift card, it can be exchanged for either Paypal,  Bitcoins, Cash app, Bank transfer, Skrill,Naira, Cedis, Mobile money,PayTM  and others. This article is about to show you exactly how to convert your, Amazon, Walmart or iTunes gift cards to cash in any country.

We’ll be exploring three possible options.

How to Convert Your iTunes Gift Cards to Cash in any country.

Through a Middleman

You can use a middleman service to sell your iTunes gift card. That means you wouldn’t be meeting with an actual buyer. The problem with this method is you’ll have a slower transaction and it could be awhile before you get paid,Secondly you will get low rate because the middle man will like to take their fees thereby paying you little money.We don’t advice you to use this option

Sell Directly to Buyers

This is the most trusted, fastest and advisable method of selling your gift card. This method works better because you would be dealing directly with the buyer. How do you get a buyer, you ask?

It’s easy. There are many legit iTunes gift card,Walmart and Amazon buyers  that offer a great rate for your gift cards, including Amazon and Walmart. Click Here to find one.

Convert to Bitcoin or Cash

Another thing to consider when selling your iTunes gift card,Amazon or Walmart is if you want to get paid in cash or in Bitcoin. Bear in mind that you would need a wallet to receive a Bitcoin payment, and direct cash is just fast and convenient.Click Here to trade your gift card for bitcoins or cash.

On a Final Note

Selling your iTunes gift card,Amazon and Walmart gift card  is not as difficult as you may think, there are many online stores that offer this service. However, if you want to avoid the process of wondering which online store is trustworthy and which is not, click here. You won’t be disappointed.


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