Trade Your Steam Gift Card And Get Paid Within 6 Minutes.

 Where Can I Sell My Steam Gift Card For Naira,Cedis,Bitcoins,INR,Mtn Mobile Money OR Bank Transfer.

Are You Looking for A Safe Website To Sell Steam Card and Get Paid Instantly ? – (Here Is It)

Few years ago many people find it very difficult to exchange their steam gift card for Naira,Bitcoins,Cedies,Paypal,Skrill,Mobile Money,Or even Cash to their bank account, But today Climaxcardings have made it  possible for you to exchange your steam gift card to bitcoins,paypal,mobile money,cedis,naira and many more.Now you can trade your steam wallet gift cards and get paid in Naira, Cedis,mobile money,paypal and so many more safe payment options with  With a reputation of serving sellers of Steam Gift Cards with amazing rates in Naira,Bitcoins,Cedies,Paypal,Skrill,Mobile Money and many more. is your best bet of selling your steam gift card fast and safe.Not only steam but other gift cards and bitcoins too.

Convert your Steam Gift Card to Naira,Cedis,Bitcoins,INR,Mtn Mobile Money OR Bank Transfer.

In this article we will tell you how to trade your steam gift card for cash instantly using Climaxcardings (The best gift card trading platform in the world).Even with the high populations of Steam Gift Card buyers in Ghana, Nigeria, India, China and other countries worldwide, only a few are legitimate, and even these hardly offer good rates.  However, with Climaxcardings, you get good value for your gift cards as well as fast payments. No other gift card exchange platform comes close to Climaxcardings across USA,Ghana, Nigeria, India, China and other countries.

In Climaxcardings you get the best rates because we load the card directly, and payments are made in Bitcoins, RMB, mobile money, Cedis, Naira and many more options depending on your choice .Your account will be credited in 6 minutes after confirming the authenticity of the card submitted.

Climaxcardings has been recommended by Peacefmonline – a reputable Ghanaian blog site – and OverUC – a Chinese blog on cryptocurrency. They have Many reputations and stand out to be the best and reliable gift card trading platform in the world.It takes a lot of works,efforts,time,hard works,money etc to be the top best gift card trading platform in the world.Now you see while its the best suitable platform for you to sell your steam gift card for cash and get paid within 6 minutes.This platform was restricted for Africans but today its available worldwide for everyone to use.They have many professional gift card agents working with them 24\7 every day. Monday to sunday. This great company alway  provide a quality service to the public.One thing i love about Climaxcardings is that they are always available 24/7, how does that sounds ? cool right. That’s one of the things that made them stand out among others.While other platforms have scheduled business hours,and it’s boring and annoying when you are in a hurry and urgently need cash for your cards and it happens to be that they are not available,then you have to wait during working hours before you can trade your steam gift card,that sounds annoying to me anyway but in Climaxcardings, they  are always available to trade anytime you contact them (Morning,Evening,Night) They are always available.Contact them anytime and start trading,get paid in 6 Minutes.Click below button to get started.

How To Sell Your Steam Card on Climaxcardings

You can either trade with one of our agents, directly on WhatsApp, or proceed to create an account on the Climaxcardings but this option is only for people who live in USA. Steps to trade your steam gift card on Climaxcardings;


  • Only USA/GBP/EURO/CAD/AUD cards are accepted (any denomination) If you have any other currency, let them know about it, they will accept it too.
  • Both physical cards and e-codes are accepted (eGift card).
  • For unclear cards, type the code in the “comments” section.
  • Manipulated or photoshopped cards are unacceptable, sending such will get you banned from trading with climaxcardings, Always be honest as they are always honest.
  • Trade requests for used Steam Cards will not be approved, and you may be banned. Climaxcardings are always honest and they expect you to be honest and straightforward with them.


How much do you get in Cedis, Naira, Rupees,Mobile Money Etc for Your $200, $100,$50,$25 Steam Gift Card OR E-codes steam Voucher?

Steam gift card rates isn’t stable, it always varies.Click below button to get the latest rate for your steam now.


When I Sell Steam Gift Cards on Climaxcardings, Can I Get Paid Through Paypal,Bitcoins,Bank Transfer,Naira,Cedis,Cash App,Skrill,PayTM Mobile Money,Skrill ?

YES, Climaxcardings pays in Bitcoins, RMB, mobile money, Cedis, Naira and many more payment  options depending on your choice and these payments are even faster and more secure. They also offer PayPal payments and many more.  And if you prefer buying Bitcoin with your gift card, They also offer that too.And you can also sell your gift card with them too.


Apart from Steam Gift Cards, what other cards can I trade on Climaxcardings?

In addition to selling your Steam Gift Cards, you can also sell Nike Gift Card, Best Buy Gift CardAmazon Gift Card,Google play Gift Card, Sell Steam Wallet Gift Card, Sell Target Gift Card, Sell Sephora Gift Card and so much more on Climaxcardings. To get started, Click Below button to get started.


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