As we care about your satisfaction, we have extensively researched the gift card market in Nigeria. After testing numerous vendors, we have compiled a short, verified list of gift card buyers in Nigeria and other nations. These buyers offer the best rates, friendly customer service, and high levels of trust.

Now, it’s time to stop trading your card with questionable buyers and stick to one of the 5 top gift card trading sites recommended below:

5 Recommended Platforms To Sell Amazon, iTunes, Steam and Other Cards In Nigeria.


This is an intuitive online platform that provides legitimate gift card payout for various gift cards to its customers. They purchase gift cards from customers including Sephora, Walmart, iTunes, Amazon,  JCPenny, Steam, Google Play gift cards,s and much more including bitcoins. Also, note that payouts here are usually in Naira, Cedis, INR, RMB, PayPal, Bitcoin, momo, etc.

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Walmartcarding is a fully registered company under WALMART STORE CORP LIMITED in the USA, so you can rest assured that this will provide a little bit of legitimacy to their claim. They have been known to offer the best cedis, naira, bitcoins, and cash rates for every gift card offer.

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Climaxcardings is without a doubt one of the best and most innovative and trusted gift card platforms in the country. The company is known for providing one of the best rates around, and its website is also touted for being incredibly easy to navigate.

The platform pays instantly, and its security is also laudable.

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Sellcardsbitcoins is often regarded as one of the top platforms in the country and internationally for buying and selling gift cards and bitcoins. They offer competitive rates for a wide range of gift cards, including Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, vanilla, eBay, Sephora, and Best Buy, among others. Additionally, they provide a user-friendly trading experience, making it convenient for users to engage in transactions.

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Xpresstradez is also another platform that has been considered by many to be the best platform in the country and across the globe for selling and trading in gift cards and bitcoins too. They also buy all gift cards including crypto exchanges like bitcoins etc. They also maintain an easy trading mechanism. And fast trading. Their customer service agents are always online 24/7. This is one thing I love about them. They are always there for you even when you are in a hurry, they will understand you and give you special attention for speed trading.

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Used and loved by most users, Cardtonic has always been “that platform” that bridges the gap between individuals and businesses who need discounted gift cards or have gift cards they do not need. It’s “that platform” popularly known for giving the best gift card rates across Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Gift Card Online

1. How much is a $100 iTunes card On these sites?

The rate of iTunes gift cards varies continually. The only sure statement is that you are not going to get the 100% value of your card. As if now, you can get around 127,000 to 320,000 naira for a $100 iTunes card on these platforms. However, these rates always change.

2. How much can you Sell a $100 Amazon Gift Card?

Same with iTunes, the rate changes always. Also, the amount depends on the kind of receipt you have or if you have a receipt at all. Amazon cash receipt gives the highest returns compared to others. They also accept Amazon ecodes which gives the lowest rate. Summarily, the price should range from 125,000 to 430,000 naira. As I said, the exact amount depends on the receipt or the form (physical or e-code).

3. What Other Card Can I Sell On These Sites?

You can sell almost any kind of gift card, including but not limited to the following: Steam, Walmart, Apple store, Google Play, eBay, vanilla, Sephora, Target, Nordstrom, Best Buy, Nike, PlayStation, visa gift cards, Mastercard gift cards, and others.


These websites are just one click away and their agents are available 24/7 every day to help with your trades.