How to Convert Your Sephora E-codes to Cash in Nigeria And Ghana – Get Paid In 6 Minutes.

How to Convert Your Sephora E-codes to Cash in Nigeria And Ghana.

There are times you receive sephora gift card, but do not want to redeem yourself due to immediate financial needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s an sephora card or ecodes,  it can be exchanged for either Naira,cedis,momo or Bitcoin. This article is about to show you exactly how to convert your sephora gift cards to Money in Nigeria/Ghana or any other country.

We’ll be exploring three possible options.

How to Convert Your sephora Gift Cards to Money in Nigeria/Ghana.

Through a Middleman.

You can use a middleman service to sell your sephora gift card. That means you wouldn’t be meeting with an actual buyer. The problem with this method is you’ll have a slower transaction and it could be awhile before you get paid.Secondly, you will receive a low amount of money for your card. (not advisable to use this method).

Sell Directly to Buyers.

This is the most trusted, fastest and advisable method of selling your sephora gift card. This method works better because you would be dealing directly with the buyer.When selling to direct buyer, transaction is always faster and you will get good rate for your sephora  card.

How do i get a direct buyer, you ask ?

Click Here or below green button to trade with a direct buyer now.

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