Where To Sell Ebay Gift Card At Good Rate In Nigeria And Ghana.

Where To Sell Ebay Gift Card At Good Rate In Nigeria And Ghana.

The Best Site To Sell Your $500 Ebay Gift Card At Good Rate.

Are You In Ghana Or Nigeria and looking for a reliable site to sell your ebay gift card ? if yes then you’re at the right site. In this blog We’re going to show you the best site to securely sell your ebay gift card at a better rate. Do you want to sell your ebay gift card in Nigeria for cash or bitcoins ? Or you want to sell your ebay gift card in Ghana for cash, mobile money(mom) or bitcoins Or probably you are looking for a site to sell your ebay gift card in USA for paypal, cash app, paypal cash, skrill, bitcoins, ethereum, Payoneer and so on ? then this page is perfectly for you.

Best Site To Sell Ebay Gift Cards To Bitcoin, Naira, INR, Mobile Money,Cedis, Paypal, Skrill, Cash App, Payoneer Etc.

In world mostly Ghana,Nigeria, China, India and other countries, there are a lot of ebay gift card buyers. But most of them are either out there to scam you of your gift card or pay you a little amount in return.

Therefore, Climaxcardings is here to save you the stress and worries. We have placed Climaxcardings above the rest as we provide trusted and quality service when it comes to gift card business in any country especially Ghana, Nigeria, China, and India.

We give the best gift card rates because all cards are directly used by our team. No middle men.

We pay in Naira, Cedis mobile money, RMB, paypal bitcoins, paypal, skrill and so much more. Also, we understand that fast payment is the heart of this business, we do not hold your funds for more than a few minutes, payment is always instant.

We are very trusted and reliable with amazing gift cards rate. You can check our previous transactions with other customers HERE. You can as well check our customers comments about our service HERE.

Terms Of Trade

1. We accept all ebay currencies both usd, cad and others in any denominations.

2. Ecodes and physical cards are accepted.

3. If your card is not clear, you have to type the code out.

4. Do not send edited or photoshopped cards.

5. Do not send used cards and try to cheat us. We have professional customers service. So be real with us for successful and good transaction.

How To Trade Ebay Cards On Climaxcardings.

Are you ready to sell your ebay gift card right now ? Click the green button below to start trading.


Can I Also Sell Other Gift Cards On Climaxcardings ?

Yes, you can sell any type of gift card. Climaxcardings buy all types of gift cards, all currencies and denominations. We also accept all Physical cards and Ecodes (E-card/Voucher codes) here.

We pays in various ways including bank transfer, btc, mobile money(momo), Ether, RMB, Rupees, Cash app, Paypal Etc.

Click Here To Sell Other Gift Cards

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