Sell Your Walmart Money Card For Naira Or Cedis.


Sell Your Walmart  Walmart Money Card For Naira Or Cedis.


Where Can I Trade My Walmart Money Gift Card For Cedis- Mobile Money(momo),Bitcoins or Bank Transfer ?

If you need to sell your Walmart Money  visa or Mastercard in Ghana, Nigeria or in any country Click Here. We buy Walmart Money visa card and Mastercard,not only that we also buy walmart gift card,iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Walmart china card, Steam,Ebay and lots more. We pay in Bitcoins,Cedis, RMB, PayTM,Mobile money(momo),Naira,Direct bank deposit and other payment options available depending on where you live. Sell your Walmart Money Gift Cards for Bitcoins, Cedis, RMB, PayTM, Mobile money(momo), Naira, Direct bank deposit and other payment options available, our rates are better than Afrbtc and Paxful. Sell Your Walmart Money gift cards online for instant cash in Nigeria and Ghana At We are currently one of the most trusted online trading platforms for gift cards in USA, Ghana, India,Nigeria,UK, and many countries out there.  Sell your unwanted card to the top gift card website called Climaxcardings. You can trade all gift cards here. Not only Walmart Money gift cards,but many other gift cards and egift cards and as well bitcoins too. Choose the best offer and receive payment within 6 minutes. Depending on brand, demand, and value.

Steps To Take While Selling Your Walmart Money gift card in Ghana and Nigeria.

1: Before you want to sell your Walmart Money gift card, you need to be sure that no one else has used the Walmart Money card. For your Walmart Money gift card to be redeemed effectively, it has to be valid.

2: Your receipt of the Walmart Money gift card is optional. But it’s better if you have it.But if you don’t have it,do not bother because it’s not necessary.

3. Once you are fully ready to sell your Walmart Money for cedis or naira, CLICK HERE to contact Climaxcardings customers service and start trading.

Click Below To Trade Your Walmart Money Card.


On here, you can as well sell  other gift cards such as iTunes Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card, Steam Wallet, Google play, Vanilla visa or mastercard gift card, Ebay gift cards e.t.c.

We take pride in giving customers the best of gift card rates and at the same time never limit their choices to the norm. We are the number one gift card buyer in USA, UK, Nigeria, Ghana, Spain and other other countries.

You might have been looking for the best way to sell your Walmart Money gift cards for naira or Cedis-Momo or even bitcoins in Nigeria and Ghana at the best rates, here is your best bet.






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