Sell Or Buy Gift Card In Nigeria,Ghana,India,USA And Other Countries.

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In This Article We Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Selling/Buying Gift Card in Any Country You live.

You have seen people become millionaires from buying and selling gift card in Nigeria and other countries  and you have two questions. The first question is; is it gift card sales lucrative enough to make you rich and how do you buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria? The answer to the first question is obvious, buying and selling gift card is a lucrative venture.

There are a lot of people making money through the purchase and sales of gift cards. Many of them are already millionaires. As for the answer to the second question, that is what this article is for. You are about to find out how to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria and other countries too

However, it’s always better to start with the basics, we can build up from there.

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Are You New About Gift Cards ? Read These.

What Are Gift Cards?

Gift cards have gradually become an “in-thing” and you’ll find them almost anywhere. They are certificates issued by grocery stores, department stores, electronic stores and bookstores for customers to make purchases. Gift cards are used in these stores to buy things if you don’t want to use the money. This is usually done to encourage customer loyalty to a brand e.g. Amazon and Apple, Ebay Etc.

Now that you know what gift cards are, here is the next question:

What Can You Do with Gift Cards?

The answer to this question is a no-brainer, sell them. The only reason to buy gift cards in any country is to sell. At first, it may appear overwhelming.

Buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria and other countries can look like an impossible venture when you are looking at it from the outside, especially if you have never sold a thing in your life. Don’t worry, we’ll start with the baby steps. Here is how to money by buying & selling gift cards.

How to Make Money by Selling Gift Card in Nigeria And Other Countries.

Buy During the Holidays

The best time for you to buy gift cards is during the holidays and special gift seasons. Why is this, you ask? During these periods, business owners usually have the objective of gaining more customers. In other to attain this goal, they give out gift cards for cheaper prices. All you must do is purchase, wait and sell.

Buy Directly from Customers

Another method of making money from selling gift card in Nigeria and other countries is by buying directly from customers. According to research, a small percentage of customers do not use these cards. Your job is to find them and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Trust me, the customers will willingly exchange their gift card for money rather than see it unused. You just have to make an bid that is significantly lower than the card’s real value. How low, you ask? You are about to find out.

Buy Low, Sell High

This is like the generally accepted adage as far as sales are concerned. If you want to make fast money from selling gift cards, you have to purchase at 50 to 80% of the card’s value. Don’t worry, most customers will sell at that price. The unappealing alternative is letting the cards got to waste.

Another thing to do is to make sure the gift cards purchased are $30 in value or higher. Anything lower than that, and your business will grow at a very slow rate.

Buy from the Companies

To maximize profit as a gift card seller, purchase directly from the companies that offer these cards. Contact them directly for a partnership that’ll enable you to buy at a lower price and sell for the real worth. This method can be a little difficult, but it’s often rewarding.CLICK HERE to buy gift card at lower rate.If the gift card you want to purchase isn’t in the store,CLICK HERE to contact their customer service directly and tell them the card you want.They are always online 24/7.Very effective and offers best service in the world.

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards With Bitcoins For Instant Email Delivery ?

If you are looking for a place to buy any gift card using bitcoins, go to they are the only company that offers best gift card rate.You can buy any gift card at at 50% or 55% and get your gift card delivered to your email instantly.

On a Final Note

Like most other forms of business, you must be smart if you want to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria and other countries in the world. Learn how to deal with different types of gift cards and make sure you only purchase gift cards that are popular in your area. Only purchase goods you know you can sell.

Good luck in your new business venture.

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