How Much Is $25 $50 $100 Amazon Gift Card In Naira ?

When people want to sell gift card in Nigeria, a lot of them get confused about the price of their Amazon card. They are worried and always want to know if they are getting the best gift card rates or they are being cheated by their vendor.

However, most gift card buyers in Nigeria give low rates because they are middlemen and they do not use the card directly. They have the Amazon gift card to a direct loader that gives them a good rate. They then remove their own profit and give customers the balance which is why it gets small.

So it is always advisable to trade with a direct loader instead of middleman if you want good rates.

Best sites to convert amazon gift card to Naira at best prices:






These are some of the best sites to sell Amazon gift cards in Nigeria and they will always give you the best gift card rates.

Now back to the question.

How Much Can You Sell $25 $50 $100 Amazon Card In Nigeria?

The rate or amount of Amazon gift card depends on many factors so the rate always varies and it’s never constant. Also amazon gift card rate depends on what receipt you have. But in general, if you trade with any of the websites listed above, you will get within the following range.

1. Amazon with cash receipt 1,400-1,900/$

2. Amazon with debit receipt 1,280-1,750/$

3.Amazon with no receipt 1,200-1,600/$

4.Amazon e-code 900-1,100/$

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