Gift Card With The Highest Rate Now

Which Gift Card Has The Highest Rate Now [June 2024]

One of the most popular questions gift card traders and people who want to sell gift cards in Nigeria always ask is this; “Which Gift Card Has the Highest Rate?

Yes! This is a common question among gift card sellers in Ghana and Nigeria, and they ask this question because they want gift cards with a high resale price.

Knowing the gift cards with the highest rate today is an added advantage; it will help you always choose and trade the best gift cards.

Here on this page, I will show you the answer and share the list of gift card rates in Nigeria for June 2024.


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Which Gift Card Has the Highest Rate Now In June 2024?

The gift card that has the highest rate currently is STEAM GIFT CARD.

This Steam card is also the top-selling gift card on the Climaxcardings Platform.

Below are the categories of Steam gift cards with the highest rates, they include;

  • Steam UK [£10 – £500]
  • Steam UK E-code [£10 – £500]
  • Steam EURO [€10 – €500]
  • Steam EURO E-code [€10 – €500]
  • Steam USA [$10 – $500]
  • Steam USA E-code [$10 – $500]
  • Steam CHF [10 – 500]
  • Steam CHF E-code [10 – 500].

These are the top card categories of Steam gift card rates currently trading on Climaxcardings. is a platform where you sell gift cards for Cash and get paid instantly in Naira or Cedis.

However, there are other gift cards with high rates that you can sell on our platform, and I will show you the list of top-selling gift cards in Nigeria today.

You can always check the rates of any gift card at any time using the Climax Rate Calculator.

Top 7 Gift Cards with Highest Rate In Ghana And Nigeria, June 2024

  1. Steam Gift Cards
  2. Walmart Visa Gift Cards
  3. Nordstrom Gift Cards
  4. Razer Gold Gift Cards
  5. Macy Gift Cards
  6. Google Play Gift Cards
  7. American Express Gift Cards.

Let’s quickly look at them and see the best-selling categories, exchange rates, and prices in Naira.

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1. Steam Gift Cards

The Steam gift card is the number one top-selling gift card in Ghana and Nigeria today and on

Steam cards are everyone’s favorite, and they’re the most sought-after in the gift card market and stores.

The UK physical Steam gift card is the highest-selling card now, trading at the rate of 1,680/£.

Currently, a £100 Steam gift card is worth approximately 168,000 Naira on Climaxcardings

The rate is not constant and varies often, but the price is still within that range for £100 Steam gift card.

2. Walmart Visa Gift Cards

The Walmart Visa gift card is another popular and readily available gift card with a high market trading rate.

On Climaxcardings, we accept and trade Walmart Visa gift cards with the following first four digits 4786, 4852, 4020, 4358, 4034, 4912, 5181, and 5113. If you have any other type of Walmart visa or Mastercard notify us to see if we can do it.

The Walmart Visa gift card with the digit (4020) of the $100 – $500 card category is the highest-selling card now at the rate of 1,250 Naira per dollar.

The Walmart Visa gift card with the digit (4786/4852) of the $300 – $500 card category is selling now at the rate of 900 Naira per dollar.

The price of a (4786/4852) $300 Walmart Visa gift card in Naira today is N270,000.

3. Nordstrom Gift Cards

Nordstrom gift card is one of the lists of gift cards with the best gift card rate in Nigeria.

Currently, this card sells at the rate of 1,100 Naira per dollar.

The price of a $100 Nordstrom gift card today is N110,000 Naira.

Here on Climax, we accept both Physical Nordstrom gift cards and virtual Nordstrom known as e-code.

Nordstrom gift cards can be sold on Climaxcardings for around N110,000 Naira, depending on the rate at that moment.

4. Razer Gold Gift Cards

If you’re asking which gift card has the highest rate, also consider Razer Gold gift cards.

Razer Gold gift cards come in both Physical cards and Ecodes. The Razer cards are traded in Nigeria at a high rate now.

If you sell a razor gold gift card for naira you will get 1,200 Naira per dollar for the minimum card category of $25 to $1000.

The price of a $100 Razer Gold gift card today is N120,000 Naira and $100 Razer Gold (E-code) is N112,000 Naira.

CLICK HERE to find out the rate of other countries’ razor gold gift cards like UK razor gold, Canada razor gold, Euro razor gold, and other currencies.

These are the prices you also get when you trade on our platform; start selling today on Climaxcardings.

5. Macy Gift Card

Macy’s Gift Cards are among the top gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria in 2024.

These MACY Cards can be exchanged for Cash (Cedis/Naira) at 1,070 Naira per dollar.

The price of a $100 Macy gift card today is N107,000 Naira, while the $50 Macy gift card is N53,500 Naira.

The Macy gift cards of $100 – $500 are the highest selling card at the rate of 1,150/N, while $50 – $99 sells at the rate of 1,070/N.

Sell Macy Gift Card for Naira

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6. Google Play Gift Cards

Google Play gift cards are top-rated cards with the best gift card rates in Nigeria.

Despite the well-known Google Error message (We Need More Info to Redeem Gift Card), Google Play cards still sell at high rates.

The card is easy to sell, and you can always redeem it on Google Play Store.

However, for instant Cash, you can sell the card on the Climaxcardings Platform right now.

The UK Google Play gift card’s current rate is at N1,180/£, while the USA Google Play card is at N1,150/$.

The price of a £100 Google Play Gift Card now is N118,000 Naira, and the price of a $100 Google Play Gift Card is N115,000 Naira.

7. American Express (AMEX) Gift Cards

American Express gift cards are increasingly becoming popular in Nigeria. It’s also known as AMEX gift cards.

Currently, this card sells at the rate of 940 per dollar for the minimum AMEX card category of $300 and above.

The price of a $300 American Express (AMEX) gift card today is N282,000 Naira and a $100 AMEX gift card in Naira is N94,000.

Other Gift Cards with the Highest Rates To Sell Now Are


So, that is all on the list of best gift card rates in Ghana and Nigeria.

It’s also important to sell your gift cards on the right gift card exchange platform.

It is a huge loss if you don’t know the best platform to trade your cards.

Selling your gift cards and selling your gift cards at a reasonable rate (Cash value) are two different things.

And since you’ve gotten to know which gift card has the highest rate in Nigeria June, 2024; it is time to start selling.

Climaxcardings is the best place to trade your gift cards. We offer you the best rates to exchange and sell gift cards for Cash.

Always check for gift card rates using our Gift card Rate Calculator

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