and Dollarcarding are two of the top gift cards trading websites in the world. In this article, I’ll be telling you why is better than

Reasons Why Climaxcardings is Better Than – Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

  1. Climaxcardings offer better rates: Dollar carding card rate is considerably low relative to the average market price. For instance, for $100 itunes card, they offer 30,000 naira currently, meanwhile Climaxcardings rate can be up to 32,000 naira. Which is because Climaxcardings focus more on middlemen who are brokering gift cards for profit. Also, Climaxcardings is a USA -firm partner that loads gift cards directly which makes their rate bound to be on the high side.
  2. Climaxcardings pays faster: Payment on Climaxcardings takes nothing more than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, on Dollarcarding you have to join a long list of queue to get your trade done, after which you have to join another queue to get your money withdrawn. It takes nothing less than 30 minutes in every instance.
  3. Climaxcardings buys different cards: Climaxcardings accepts iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards and Steam Gift Cards Etc, any country, any amount. But Dollarcarding accepts only itunes gift cards with face value and amazon gift card with cash receipt.
  4. Climaxcardings Bitcoin rate is higher: The rate at which Climaxcardings buy bitcoin can be as high as 875NGN/1$, meanwhile Dollarcarding limits you to 634NGN/1$, so low! Why?
  5. Climaxcardings offer various payment methods: Climaxcardings pays in Naira, Cedis, Paypal, INR, and RMB,Cashapp,Paytm.Mobile money Etc. But pays in Naira,Dollar,Euros and pounds only which limits its services to some countries.
  6. Climaxcardings is more recommended: Climaxcardings has featured on various online platforms. Meanwhile, Dollarcarding has no online recognition for now but might have in future.

These and many more reasons why Climaxcardings is more preferred to sell itunes gift card and other gift cards compared to Dollarcarding.

What is your opinion? Drop it in the comment box below.

If you want to trade with Climaxcardings, Contact on Whatsapp. CLICK HERE to get started. If you want to trade with Dollarcarding , visit

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  • Good company. i just sold my 100 amazon card to dollarcarding and got paid,thanks for this information,i believe dollarcarding rate is good but climaxcardings is faster to process cards.

    Pat Beam

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