Where To Sell American Express AMEX Gift Card In Nigeria

American Express Gift Card is also known as AMEX Gift Card so when you see it written as “AMEX”, you shouldn’t be surprised because it is still the same thing. It is a prepaid payment card that has been preloaded with a selected US dollar amount and it is available to individuals all over the world. American Express cards are issued by American Express and are processed on the American Express network.

Forms of American Express Gift Card

  1. American Express prepaid debit cards

With this card, you can shop with your card virtually anywhere American Express cards are accepted. It has no credit check and it is free to register online.

  1. American Express credit cards

These cards are of different types and they are of different functions. For example, the Blue Cash Preferred is best for high cash back rates, the American Express Green Card is best for travel, the American Express Cash Magnet is best for flat-rate cash back and so on.

  1. American Express charge cards

American Express provides charge cards that offer month-to-month credit with card balances that must be paid off each month.

What is American Express Gift Card used for?

You can use an American Express gift card in any online webshop in the U.S. not just any shop, but those ones that accept American Express Gift Card as a form of payment.

How to sell American Express Gift Card On Climaxcardings

At Climaxcardings, we offer you mouth-watering deals in terms of rates. If you have an American Express Gift Card you would like to trade for cash, here are the simple steps on how to go about it.

  1. CLICK HERE to contact our customer service agent.
  2. Tell them the amount of amex gift card you have.
  3. Specify if its physical card or ecodes/ digital amex card.
  4. Specify if its physical card with receipt or without receipt.
  5. They will tell you the current rate and worth of your card.
  6. Proceed to send your Amex card along side with your account number
  7. Finally, wait for 6-15 minutes to get paid. That’s it! Easy-peezy!

Do you know that asides from selling your American Express Gift card for cash, you can sell gift cards for Cedis, all crypto currencies including USDT and Bitcoin. You can as well sell your gift card for Paypal, Cash App, Zelle And so many other options available.

How much is $100 American Express Gift Card

Nothing is constant. We believe this applies to Gift Card rates as well. The rates of your Gift Cards are not constant. It changes. The price of a $100 American Express Gift Card currently might not be the same in the next hour. At the moment, American Express Gift Card costs around 40,000 to 60,000 Naira. CLICK HERE to get the current price or your Amex gift card.

If you are looking for the best rates for Gift Cards in Nigeria, you can be rest assured that you will find that on Climaxcardings. We have an automated gift card rate calculator that is being updated by the minute. You will find this feature on the website to be updated on Gift Card rates anytime or you can just CLICK HERE to find out the current rate of your gift card

Need help?

So you have an American Express gift card and you’re ready to trade but you still need help? Please click the button below get attended by our live chat agents.

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