Exchanging Vanilla gift cards for bitcoins or cash has taken a new turn and now it is straightforward unlike before when you go through a lot of stress to get paid for your unused Walmart cards.

On this platform, you can trade your Vanilla gift card and get paid in naira, cedis, RMB, Dollars, INR, bitcoins, etc. Also, you will get the best rates when you trade here, how good does that sound? 

Sell Vanilla Physical Card

Some Vanilla cards purchased from stores come in physical objects, you just have to scratch the panel to reveal the code and pin, then snap it and send it to us. Sell Physical Card

Sell Vanilla E-code

We also buy Vanilla without a picture. That is the Vanilla e-code purchased online. All you have to do is send us the correct code. Sell Vanilla Gift E-code

Climax Cardings is the most reliable gift card merchant in the world. We are a fully registered organization. 

We are partners with Chinese firms who use Gift Cards for various sorts of digital operations, we have several clients that look up to us for a daily supply of Gift Cards. For this reason, we offer the best rates better than PaxfulAfrbtc, Localbitcoins or any sites to sell gift cards in the USA, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, India, China, and other countries.

How Do I Trade? Click here

Do I Need a Receipt To Sell Vanilla For Cash? Find out here

How Much Can I Sell $100 Vanilla Gift Card In China/ USA / Ghana / Nigeria / India? Find out here

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