Sell Nordstrom Gift Card for Naira at Best Rate

How To Sell Nordstrom Gift Card for Naira at Best Rate

The holiday season comes with plenty of gift cards and other interesting gift items from well-meaning friends and family members. If you probably have a stack of random gift cards that you have not used, like a Nordstrom gift card you received from a family or friend, that gift card has a good value that you can cash in on if you know how to exchange it.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about how you can sell Nordstrom gift cards for Naira at the best rate on Climaxcardings. Here’s how to get some extra money from your gift cards for your holiday spending.


What is a Nordstrom Gift Card?

Nordstrom is an upscale American department store chain known for designer fashion, accessories, makeup, and homewares. A Nordstrom gift card allows you to shop across Nordstrom stores and online for their wide selection of high-end goods. The gift cards have no fees and no expiration date, and you can use any leftover balance later.

So, the cards are great if you frequently shop at Nordstrom. But if you have never had the opportunity to make use of your Nordstrom gift card probably as a result of the unavailability of Nordstrom stores in Nigeria, don’t lose hope on your card. Luckily there is an easy legit option for exchanging Nordstrom gift cards for Naira online.


Nordstrom Gift Card Rates in Naira 

Once you have a Nordstrom gift card you want to convert to Naira, you will first want to check the current exchange rate for Naira HERE  Rates fluctuate often based on supply, demand, and other variables.


How Much is a $100 Nordstrom Gift Card in Naira?

Let’s break down the Naira amounts you would get for different Nordstrom gift card denominations based on the current rate:

$25 Nordstrom card = 29,000 Naira

$50 Nordstrom card = 58,000 Naira 

$100 Nordstrom card = 116,000 Naira

$200 Nordstrom card = 232,000 Naira

Keep in mind that these rates are not permanent but change based on the exchange rate available in the market.


How to Sell Nordstrom Gift Cards on Climaxcardings

Once you’ve got your unused Nordstrom gift card in hand, it’s time to swap it out for some Naira! Here’s a step-by-step guide to selling Nordstrom cards, a popular international gift card marketplace:

Click Below To Sell Your Nordstrom Gift Card

Wrapping it Up on Nordstrom Gift Card

Instead of letting your Nordstrom gift cards remain unused, you can swap them out for Naira on Climaxcardings. Based on current rates, a $100 Nordstrom card scores you around 116,000 Naira. Simply using a gift card exchange site like Climaxcardings guarantees the safety of your transactions.

Thanks to the simple online selling process, you can turn those Nordstrom gift cards into Naira for your holiday shopping and spending. Just be sure to check out our daily rates using the rate calculator to check out what you stand to gain before converting your gift card to Naira.

We are sure this will help you to get value from any Nordstrom gift card you have this season.

Happy exchanging and happy holidays!

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